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How Pet Transport Works

Virgin Pet Travel with Moorholme Pet Transport

Virgin Pet Travel for domestic and international flights

Pet Travel Made Easy

Taking your pets with you for a holiday? Of course, your four-legged family members need to go where you go! Luckily, with airline companies like Virgin Australia, it’s possible to do so. The Moorholme Pet Transport team of experts in Virgin Pet Travel will streamline the process internationally or locally in Australia.

What is the Virgin Pet Travel System?

When you’re planning to take your pet with you on holiday, or an international move, travelling by air is the best option. You can be sure that Virgin Australia will do all it can to ensure the health and comfort of your pet.

Also, note that this service allows pets to travel in the aircraft’s cargo hold. The only exception to this rule, as stipulated by Virgin Australia, is if you need an authorised service and/or assistance dog to travel with you in the cabin. 

How do You Book a Flight for Pets?

As a pet owner, you can manage your pet’s travel yourself, but there’s a lot to consider and it can be overwhelming.  Virgin Australia requires pet owners to use reputable pet transportation companies like Moorholme Pet Transport

Give yourself peace of mind that everything is done in line with the rules and regulations of transporting pets to ensure your pet’s comfort and security. Contact Moorholme Pet Transport and we’ll handle the process from start to finish. From ensuring the plans align with IATA requirements to booking your flight, we do it all!

Complete Pet Travel Service Package

After years in the industry, Moorholme Pet Transport has Virgin Australia Pet Travel experts who can assist with any of the following:

  • Permit applications for importing pets
  • Permits for pets travelling to certain countries around the world
  • Reserving quarantine services for imported pets
  • Guidance on veterinary services you may require
  • Advice on vet checks and compliance, locally and abroad
  • Managing pets’ flights and travel
  • Picking up pets and dropping them off at airports
  • Picking up pets from airports and transporting them to owners or other facilities
  • Transportation between the quarantine centre and owners’ homes
  • Tracking of pets during international travel
  • Pet crates for sale or hire

We understand that your needs for your pets’ travel will be unique, so we stay flexible and will provide a detailed quote for the set of services you require.


Why Do You Need Moorholme Pet Transport for Virgin Pet Travel?

Pet owners across Australia turn to Moorholme Pet Transport for Virgin Pet Travel arrangements, as we take care of everything to ensure your pet’s comfort and your peace of mind.

Any type of travel can cause animals some anxiety, but our team will minimise risk factors and ensure their comfort from start to finish. 

For pet owners, there’s no reason to take on the difficulty of finalising your animal’s transportation. We know how to navigate the complicated process of booking pets’ flights, and permits, buying the right crate and so much more. 

Avoid unnecessary expenses and wasting time—partner with the experts from the start! We can manage the entire Virgin Pet Travel process with the least amount of effort and expenses for you.

Domestic or International? Moorholme Pet Transport at Your Service!

Your pet can travel locally but also internationally with Virgin Australia. The Moorholme Pet Transport team is skilled at organising everything related to your pets’ travel, even if you’re moving overseas or importing pets. 

For international travel and imports, there are additional requirements to consider, such as:

  • Vaccinations
  • Documentation that’s usually not needed for local travel
  • Quarantine for all imported pets, facilitated at Mickleham Quarantine Station
  • Implanting of microchips

Our team understands what is required for local, interstate or international travel. We will ensure your pet’s travel aligns with all regulations so there are no holdups along the way. Moorholme Pet Transport experts will also monitor each stage in the process until your pet reaches its destination safely. Thanks to our tracking services, you’ll have regular updates to confirm all is in order throughout the animal’s journey.

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Dog Transport

Moorholme Pet Transport - Recognised Virgin Pet Travel Company in Australia

You shouldn’t entrust your pet to just anyone because animals require meticulous care to ensure their wellbeing. So, when making travel plans, only use one of Australia’s best transport companies that have animal-loving staff members. 

Moorholme Pet Transport is proud of being one of the recognised pet travel professionals in the country. Our track record proves you can have peace of mind when leaving your pet in our care. 

In addition, we guarantee that all pet transportation managed by Moorholme Pet Transport will align with relevant legislation. We function in accordance with the IATA Live Animal Regulations, which will ensure the safety of your pets. 

Can My Pet Use Virgin Pet Travel?

There are strict rules in place for certain types of pets. Especially for Brachycephalic (snub-nosed) pets, airlines have high standards that need to be met before they’ll allow your dog or cat on a flight. 

Moorholme Pet Transport has been recognised as a Specialist Pet Transporter for Brachycephalic and other breeds by Virgin Australia, so you can have peace of mind that your pet’s health won’t be at risk during the flight.  

In general, if the following applies to your pet, the airline will usually allow it to travel:

  • Over 8 weeks of age 
  • Generally healthy
  • The pet with its container weighs less than 65kg
  • It’s not an aggressive animal
  • The travel crate complies with standard guidelines (see more below)

You may need additional certification from your vet if your pet is pregnant, sick, older than 12 years or sedated.

All Major Airlines

Helping you arrange Virgin Pet Travel is only one of the options available to help Australia’s pet owners. While you’re planning your travels, would you also like information on Qantas air travel or Rex pet travel

Travel Crates for Sale or Hire

One aspect of pet travel that can be particularly complicated is finding the right crate. Airlines are strict about features of your pet’s crate, including:

  • Material and condition of the crate (wire crates aren’t allowed)
  • Ventilation
  • Weight
  • Design that prevents escape and doesn’t include wheels
  • Strong enough
  • Content of the crate (see more details below)
  • Available area, so your pet can easily stand and turn around inside

For Virgin Pet Travel Moorholme Pet Transport can provide the correct type of crate, saving you the difficulty of shopping around yourself.

You can purchase one for regular use or hire one if you only need it once. Use the option that makes the most practical and financial sense. We’ll advise you on the best size for your animal and provide expert feedback on helping them get used to it before the trip. 

pet travel crate

The Smooth Experience Your Pet Deserves

We will manage travel so that your pets experience the least amount of stress or discomfort. No matter the services Moorholme Pet Transport provides you with, it’s our priority to ensure the following for your animals:

  • Health 
  • Safety
  • Happiness

3 Ways Your Pet Benefits with Virgin Air Travel

Travelling with your pets can seem like a daunting undertaking because you don’t want the experience to have a negative impact on your furry friends. Therefore, you’re after the best options with the lowest risk involved. 

Virgin air travel is the pet travel method of choice for many pet owners and you can expect the following:

  • The lighting in the cargo hold is kept dim, helping to keep animals calm.
  • This airline does allow you to put a mat inside the crate, giving the dog or cat a comfy spot to stay in during the flight.
  • Cargo hold temperatures are kept at a similar level to that of the cabin, preventing your animals from becoming too hot or cold.

The airline does all it can to optimise pets’ comfort and safety. Furthermore, when partnering with Moorholme Pet Transport for Virgin Pet Travel arrangements, we’ll ensure your animals are safe and looked after every step of the way. 

What are the Steps in Moorholme Pet Transport’s service with Virgin Pet Travel?

When partnering with Moorholme Pet Transport, we have created a streamlined process that simplifies your arrangements and gives you peace of mind from the moment you make a booking to when your pet is once again safely with you:

  • Enquire: Reach out to our experts and let’s discuss your needs.
  • Quote: You’ll receive a detailed quotation to understand what you’re paying for and empower you to budget appropriately. Confirm your acceptance of the quote and we’ll get started. 
  • Drop off/Pickup: You can handle drop-offs and pickups yourself, but in cases where you need us to transport your pet to and from an airport, we’re more than happy to do so. Our team members will make sure pets arrive at the appropriate time and can be on-site when they’re unloaded. Moorholme Pet Transport representatives can take them to the relevant person who will take over their care if you’re unable to do so yourself. 
  • Track: You have the luxury of tracking your pet and our user-friendly online tools make it easy to do.  

Why Pick Moorholme Pet Transport for Virgin Pet Travel?

We have received many 5-star reviews for our services, because we go the extra mile to help look after your pets during an event they may find stressful. With our help, the experience is better for everyone involved:

  • Based on years of experience, we can provide expert advice on regulations, pet comfort and more. 
  • Instead of trying to handle a complicated situation by yourself, allow the experts to take the pressure off you.
  • We know how to get things done quickly and simply, freeing up time for you to handle other details of your travels.
  • Our team knows how to enhance the comfort of pets whilst travelling.
  • Our experience with Virgin Pet Travel includes helping pet owners travel to destinations around the globe

What Does Virgin Pet Travel Cost?

The cost to transport your pet/s depends on multiple factors. Consider how the following will affect the process from start to finish:

  • Soothing collars, if required
  • Crate
  • Padding inside crate
  • Travel permits
  • Quarantine where applicable
  • Boarding before or after a flight, if required
  • Drop off and pick up service, if necessary
  • Virgin Pet Travel flights

We can research costs and assist with detailed quotations so you can easily manage your budget. 

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Tips on Preparing Your Pet for Travel

There’s a lot involved when planning a trip and preparing for pet travel with Virgin Australia. These are some of the most important topics pet owners should consider.


The airline has the right to refuse a pet access to the flight if the crate’s interior isn’t clean at the time of boarding. On a full stomach, your dog or cat is more likely to make a mess in the crate before take-off. Therefore, give your pet its last meal 8 hours or more before any travel takes place. 

No food will accompany the animals on the flight. 

Crate Preparation

Virgin Australia has strict rules regarding accessorising the crate. Moorholme Pet Transport will advise and assist, but please note the following:

  • No toys are allowed
  • Pets may wear collars, but leads are only allowed on the exterior and must be zip-tied to the crate
  • No food is allowed
  • The travel documents must be taped to the crate’s exterior
  • No animals except greyhounds are allowed to wear jackets
  • A fixed source of water, such as a bowl or receptacle 
  • The crate should be lined with an absorbent layer, such as a puppy training pad

Health and Medication

Only in some scenarios will the airline allow any medication to accompany the pet, and you’ll need documentation from the vet and clear identification of the drugs. If your pet is sedated, you’ll need a Veterinary Certificate that confirms your pet is fit enough to travel. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a permit when my pet travels?

Certain countries and states do require animals to have permits for travel, but it’s often challenging to obtain the exact list of requirements from authorities. Our experts are up to date with the latest rules and regulations for domestic and international travel. Talk to us and we’ll advise on what you need for your travel plans. 

Will my pet be on the same flight as I am?

It’s possible that your pet can be on the same flight as you, but there’s no guarantee. For each flight, there are minimal spaces in the cargo hold assigned to pets. You need to book well in advance to get your pet’s flight ticket during the time you plan on travelling.

Experts advise owners to first book their pets’ flights and then try to obtain tickets for themselves on the same flight. This increases the chances of being able to travel at the same time.

Do Virgin Reward points apply to pets too?

Yes, there is a possibility of earning rewards by flying your pet on a Virgin Australia flight, including domestic flights. The exact rewards depend on the type of member you are.

What types of pets can use Virgin Pet Travel?

Moorholme Pet Transport’s areas of expertise are dog travel and cat travel. However, you’re welcome to discuss travel arrangements for other animals as well, including fish, rabbits, and domestic birds.

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