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Moorholme provides high-quality Airline Approved Travel Crates for hire and purchase.

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Airline Approved Pet Travel Crates

Pet travel by air calls for airline-approved travel crates. The airline-approved pet travel crates you choose need to be the appropriate size. Picking a travel crate that is too small for your pet can lead to poor ventilation and distress for your pet. Also, a travel crate that is too big can create problems for your pet in case of turbulence.

Moorholme Pet Transport helps you choose the right airline-approved travel crate for your pet depending on their size. We offer Airline Approved Crates for Hire or Purchase at affordable prices, making it easy for you to choose the option that best suits your budget. Our cat and dog travel crates are designed with your pet’s comfort in mind.

Our years of experience in the pet transport industry help us create a comfortable travelling environment for your pets, ensuring their wellbeing. We understand that as pet owners, your number one priority is your pet’s comfort, and we aim at achieving this at every step of the entire travel process.

dog travel crates

If your pet is a frequent traveller, we suggest buying an airline approved pet travel crate from us that can be used multiple times. Making your pets travel in the same crate repeatedly gives them a sense of security as they get familiarised with it. However, if you feel you don’t want to invest in buying a travel crate, you can always hire one at an affordable price. The cat and dog travel crates that we have available for hire are clean, tidy, and of excellent quality.

Once you book a crate with us, we will ensure it is ready at the designated freight terminal. To avoid confusion, all our pet travel crates have labels stating the details of your pet’s travel arrangements.

Airline Approved Crates available for sale for our pet transport clients

Our years of experience in the pet transport industry helps us create a comfortable travelling environment for your pets, ensuring their wellbeing. Browse our cat and dog travel crate dimensions and prices below


Crates Dimensions Price

*Pickup price from our office only, additional charges for postage.

How Pet Transport Works

How to Familiarise my Pet with the Travel Crate

Introduce the crate gradually

Place the pet travel crate in a familiar area of your home and let your pet explore it at their own pace. Place some treats or toys inside the crate to encourage them to go in.

Use positive reinforcement

Rewarding your pet with treats, praise, and affection when they go inside the crate or show interest in it will help to create a positive association with the crate.

Make the crate comfortable

Line the crate with a soft blanket or towel, and put a favourite toy or item that has your scent on it inside. This will help your pet feel more secure and relaxed while in the crate.

Take short trips

Once your pet is comfortable in the crate, take short trips around your neighbourhood in the car or on public transportation. This will help your pet get used to the motion and sounds of travelling while inside the crate.

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