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Pet Transport

Moorholme has been known for many years now for having provided an exceptional pet transport service. We began this service in 1949 with Val (Stewart) Moore making arrangements for moving pets within and outside Australia on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia for diplomats and politicians. Pets were also being transported for Australian Defence Force personnel, furniture removalists, and executives for government and private sectors.

In the early days, transporting pets around Australia was undertaken by either road transport or by sea. Thanks to the introduction and popularity of air travel, we now make air flight bookings for your pet to reach you as soon as possible.

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Benefits We Offer

Our team at Moorholme Pet Transport are enthusiastic about looking after your pet throughout the journey. We aim at keeping your pet happy, relaxed, and comfortable.

We do not believe in keeping your pets away from you for too long. We want them to reunite with you as soon as possible. This is why we aim at booking the most direct flights for your pets wherever possible, so they spend less time travelling and more time with you. Moreover, when we use road transport to transfer your pet, we choose the most comfortable, luxurious vehicles available for their travel.

We provide you with expert advice on:


Destination country entry requirements


Documentation required for entry and exit


Most suitable travel container for optimal comfort


Most suitable travel container for optimal comfort

How Pet Transport Works

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