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Quarantine Requirements

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Quarantine Requirements

Quarantine is a process that involves keeping the pets in an isolated area for a few days before they enter Australia. This procedure is designed to prevent ill pets or carriers from spreading any disease to other pets or humans around them. Once the quarantine officers are sure that a pet is free from any harmful disease, they then can be released to their owner.

Enquire About Quarantine Laws

The quarantine laws for every country is different. Requirements for entry into country is very stringent to maintain Australia’s standing as Rabies free. The procedure to come to Australia is reasonably straight forward from New Zealand (category 1 country) however other countries have standing  category 2 and category 3 countries. Each category has specific requirements (and timeframe) for pets. Moorholme has the expertise to be able to successfully import pets from all countries in all categories.

Our team of professionals specialise in providing international importation and exportation pet transportation services. We love to make travel plans and arrangements for moving your pets to the desired location.

After your pet has completed the necessary Post Entry Quarantine Stay (PEQs) we can undertake collection and deliver your pet to you whether in Victoria or interstate.

Contact our office on (03) 93380823 to make these arrangements.


Hassle Free Interstate Pet Transport

Moorholme aims to transport your animals interstate without any hassle. By booking your animals to travel with us, you place that responsibility in safe hands.

We know that moving to different locations is a costly affair. To minimise the cost involved, we aim at booking flights at discounted prices. Also, the airline that we choose to transfer, is a reputed one like Virgin, Qantas, Regional Express, SkyWest, Sharp, and King Island Airlines.

We’ll handle every step involved in moving pets interstate in Australia, including quarantine requirements.

Complete Door To Door Service

No matter where you are moving, we can provide a complete door-to-door service. If there is a requirement for arranging a boarding facility while you settle in the new place, we can take care of that as well.

The procedure begins right from collecting them from your home to transferring them to the nearest airport, flying to their destination and delivering them to their new home.

To take care of the entire process, we have agent representatives in all states and territories, so no matter what your needs are, we are always ready to fulfil them.

Additional Benefits When You Choose Moorholme as your Interstate Pet Transport Provider

When you choose us as agent, we offer some additional benefits that ease things for you. We give you the freedom to hire or purchase airline approved crates from us so you can ensure 100 per cent comfort of your pet. Moreover, these crates are available with us at affordable prices, so you don’t have to think twice before making the decision.

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